Drop-in Centre for Coronavirus Antibody Testing

Both rapid and IgG Antibody testing by medical professionals

COVID-19 Antibody Test

The NL Clinic Southampton are pleased to offer both rapid and laboratory testing for COVID-19 antibodies. The rapid antibody test is available with results available within 2 hours of arriving at our UKAS accredited laboratory in London. COVID-19 IgG and IgM type antibodies via a full blood draw are also available with results in 24 hours once the laboratory has confirmed receipt of the sample. The use of antibody tests is of primary concern for those wishing to detect whether they have had Coronavirus. They are however not conclusive as some people who have had the virus do not have antibodies. The results should also be treated purely as an indication of whther the individual has been exposed to the virus, it does not mean that they are immune or are no longer capable of spreading the virus.


IGM + IGG Antibody test




How the antibody test works

  • An antibody test checks for antibodies in your blood.

  • Your body makes antibodies when you get an infection with the antibodies helping fight the infection.

  • If you have coronavirus antibodies in your blood, it’s likely you’ve had the virus before.

  • It’s not known if having antibodies stops you getting the virus again.

  • Testing for antibodies should usually be taken approximately 14 days after showing symptoms.

  • Due to the nature of the test requiring a certified health professional for the purpose of collecting the bloods, the antibody test must be booked via the drop-in centre.

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Why use us?

  • UKAS accredited laboratory results

  • Guaranteed turnaround time – next day by 8 pm

  • Experienced administration team for results processing and information

  • Sample taken by a certified health professional

  • Extensive safety measures to enforce social distancing

Antibody Test for Peace of Mind

The testing solution to see if you have been exposed to Coronavirus.

Blood sample checked by UKAS accredited laboratory.